I am a writing researcher and teacher. 

After a career as a K-12 special education teacher, I am currently pursuing my English Phd in the Program of Composition and Rhetoric at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. I have served as a writing program administrator, a teacher and tutor educator, a composition instructor, and a university and community writing center tutor. My research focuses on literacy in the lives of language and race minoritized writers. My teaching also centers the lived experiences of writers by encouraging students to leverage and critically analyze everyday literacy and language practices in the context of inequitable power relations.


My scholarship asks: How do minoritized writers experience and employ writing

My research takes an empirical, qualitative approach to center the lived experiences of individuals who are often not constructed as writers. 

My dissertation ethnographically traces the literacy practices of Latinx immigrant writers who work as university custodians. It argues that 1) these writers face institutional writing regulation and 2) that they respond by employing and constructing non-regulated writing practices. By doing so, I seek to contribute to a more inclusive and critical conception of writing practices in institutions of higher education. An article developed from this project, “Who has the Right to Write? University Custodians and Constructions of Writing as White Property” has been published in College English

My future research projects continue to investigate the relationship among ownership, writing, and belonging, especially in racialized contexts.


I strive to create learning environments that account for diverse lived experiences

My main teaching goal is for students to learn how literacies and languages are tied to power relations. In my courses, students work toward this goal by reading  scholarship on language politics and critical race theory and workshopping writing projects from their lives outside of school. Doing so challenges students to reconsider what literacy is, who is literate, and where literacies take place.


I have taught introductory and advanced composition courses in four-year and community college settings and tutor/teacher training courses that focus on methods for teaching and assessing writing. I have also served as a university and community writing center tutor, providing in-person and asynchronous online writing feedback to undergraduates, graduate students, and community members.

Writing Program Administration 

I have served as Assistant Director of the Writing Fellows program, an undergraduate peer tutoring program that embeds tutors in writing-intensive courses across the curriculum. As a part of this work, I provided operations and teaching support to fifty peer tutors and the instructors of their humanities and STEM courses. I also supervised a writing workshop led by two Fellows.


I lead workshops about inclusivity, multilingual writing, narrative, qualitative methods, and dissertation writing strategies for audiences including pre-service teachers, high school students, undergraduate, and graduate students.